Indigenous Archaeology

– Due Diligence Assessments

– Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits (AHIPs)

– Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

– Experts in Aboriginal consultation

– Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPS)

– Desktop Assessments

– Archaeological survey (Standard Assessment)

– Archaeological subsurface Testing (Complex Assessment)

– Section 18 and Section 16 Applications (Western Australia)

– Archaeological salvage excavation and monitoring

– Analysis and recording of Indigenous artefacts

– The identification, assessment, interpretation and management of Indigenous heritage objects and places

– Cultural heritage inductions and training

– Peer review

– Stakeholder and community liaison

Historical Archaeology

– Statement of Heritage Impact (SOHI)

– Background research and desktop assessments

– Historical Heritage Assessments in accordance including historical survey and excavation

– Analysis, recording and interpretation of historical objects and places

– Statements of significance for heritage places

– Stakeholder and community liaison

– Location, excavation and analysis of human remains